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“If you lift heavy weights, you will get too big and muscular.”
How many of you have heard in the gym people who didn’t want to lift a heavy weight because of this way of thinking? I know I have heard it too many times!
Out of 10 people that go to the gym, at least 5 say they don’t want to get bulky, so they stick to that aerobic class, cardio session or lift very light weights. The truth is that everything is healthy when done in moderation and combined. Let’s start by looking at the image that scares most people who enter the gym: huge muscular guys or women who take the whole steroid shelf in order to get overnight muscles OR extremely dedicated fitness people who worked for years and years in order to build their physique and they wanted to be BIG! There are ZERO chances that people end up with big muscles by mistake! You either train your ass off for it or you take forbidden substances all these while being aware of the results!
When people start working out, they might feel a little bulky because the muscle is not used to being worked and they might even slightly increase their size, but that is a normal and harmless effect for a short period of time until the body starts burning the extra fat. Your muscles will slowly grow BUT they will also burn a lot of fat during your sleep, during the rest days, not only during the workout, while long slow cardio sessions will burn your fat and unfortunately also muscles during the workout and a few hours after it. Take for example a sprint runner who has a very beautiful shaped butt and all other muscles and a marathon runner who is very skinny and looks older than their age, with almost no body shape. Which one would you choose? I find the sprinter to look healthier, happier and sexier, but maybe it is only my way of seeing things, each person has their own way of seeing beauty.
My point is that it is extremely difficult to reach a muscular look and the stages are to first get very lean, with low body fat, toned and beautifully shaped body, round shapes in the important areas, straight back, healthy chest and toned arms. You get bulky only if you eat too much, only if you take forbidden substances and only with extremely hard work for a long time. The big weights are very slowly adding the needed muscle that will not be seen as in the magazines that scare you. Muscles are the most important element in looking toned, healthy and sexy. Don’t run away from the big weights, believe me, you cannot get huge with them! I’ve been lifting hard and I have a small waist, toned arms, round and fit butt, I can see my abs and I have been running only small distances as part of cardio sessions that any weightlifter does between the heavy workouts, short distances, explosive runs, instead of long slow steady runs. I look much leaner now than back then when I used to run hundreds of kilometres weekly for marathons and my body fat is much lower. In the picture above you will see me fluffy looking in 2011 at the Koln Marathon, on your right you can see me in 2015 leaner and much skinnier with heavy weight training.
Not heavy weights makes you look too big, but eating too much food or eating the wrong type of food at the wrong times of the day! Make a difference!

18 septembrie 2019


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