Personal training

By personal training I refer to monthly workouts in the gym or outside in the fresh air (depending on your preferences, season and temperatures), but also to customized nutrition plans especially created around your daily routine and workouts and according to what your body needs (weight, height, food preferences, body needs, targets, physical activities and daily program, etc).

Personal training is not only about focusing my attention on your exercises in the gym and showing you what to do while following a list of healthy meals, but also about motivation, changing your mindset, changing your routine and improving your idea about a healthy lifestyle.

Below you will find the list of prices for one to one personal trainings and nutrition plans, all depending on your choices, your goal and your time to make quick progress. My goal is to make you first of all HEALTHY, enjoy your body shape (either losing fat or building muscles), have a lot of energy in your everyday activities, and feel amazing about yourself.

Pricing Plans

  • Package No. 1
  • $163 / month
  • 3 x 1 hour/ week personal training session
  • 1 hour nutrition discussion
  • Monthly personalized nutrition plan
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  • Package No. 2
  • $213 / month
  • 4 x 1 hour/ week personal training session
  • 1 hour nutrition discussion
  • Monthly personalized nutrition plan
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  • Package No. 3
  • $250 / month
  • 5 x 1 hour/ week personal training session
  • 1 hour nutrition discussion
  • Monthly personalized nutrition plan
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  • Package No. 4
  • $13 / 1 session (1 hour)
  • Single training sessions
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  • Package No. 5
  • $75 / month
  • Personalized nutrition plan (only)
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What are the steps for starting your dream body transformation?

  1. You contact me by website sending me a message in the contact section below.
  2. We establish  a meeting to discuss about your goals.
  3. Our first meeting is the most important one because I will have the chance to know you better and see what is your current lifestyle in order to evaluate the starting point of your fitness journey, I will find out more about your current daily nutrition and daily activities, I will find out what exactly you want to achieve and other key points which are very important in the success of your evolution. I will measure your weight, body fat and I will take some pictures which are mandatory to see the progress. You will be very impressed by your evolution when you take pictures before, along and at the end of the journey!
  4. If you have any health issues, your personal doctor will have to write a letter in order to approve your physical exercises. If I consider necessary, you will have to provide some medical investigations results in order to exercise in a safe and healthy way.
  5. Included in each package you will have 1 hour of nutrition consultation. So after I have all the information about you, I will create your nutrition plan and we will meet for one hour to discuss about it and about the changes you need to make.
  6. Depending on the package you choose, you will train 3 or more times per week. Each workout is created for each individual depending on your level and goal. If you wish to lose weight, you will have a special training, if you want to grow muscles you will have a certain type of workout, if you want to just improve your physical condition, your training plan will be created for your body and level.

During each training session I will pay attention to your form and I will constantly motivate you to perform at your best! I will encourage you to stay on track and not skip your sessions.

At the beginning you will have pain in the muscles and it will be difficult, but after the first sessions you will feel more energized and stronger day by day, your body will recover quicker and you will see changes but you will have to stay focused on your nutrition and trainings.

Location (gym):
Fit Gym Constanta, Dezrobirii Street, no. 129, Constanta, Romania

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual.


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