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Do you think that people who look fit and lean eat whatever they want, go out and drink every weekend and they sit on the couch at the end of the day? I am sorry but I need to be honest and to tell you the truth: they DON’T do it, except for 10% of their time, most of them maybe even 1% of their time. Most of these fit people work hard in the gym, like every day! They constantly read about fitness, nutrition, macros, body fat, exercises, healthy tips, they study their bodies, they compare, they track, they write everything down, they adjust, they continuously work towards their goal: becoming better than the day before, becoming the best version of themselves. When I see posts of famous fitness stars stating that they don’t track their macros or that they eat whatever they want, I find it hilarious! You cannot be an example like that for people who eat pizza and junk all day or who eat nothing all day long, you cannot say that you eat whatever you feel like eating, because that is just not true! You started from a certain nutrition level, you tracked everything at the beginning and you cannot stay lean and muscular unless you continue with that! It is hard work, maybe even more than people imagine to stay lean and maintain your muscle level and body fat in certain limits. It really is hard work!
Another aspect is fitness women who take hormones in order to look lean and muscular. It is impossible to get big without taking in some masculine hormones, so for all those women who think that they would become like them if they work out with weights in the gym, DON’T worry! You won’t have natural masculine hormones in your body in order to grow that big, you need to make a choice and take those supplements in order to get there.
People say: Of course you are thin, it’s genetics! Sorry to say that but with all the genetics in the world, if I eat thousands of calories per day and don’t go to the gym, I would definitely add a lot of weight! I watch my calories, I watch my energy expenditure every day, if I don’t sweat a bit in the gym, I go outside and do some exercises or run, if I don’t do that, I try not to eat like a pig! Whatever I do, I NEVER starve in order to lose weight or not get fat. Starving or even skipping meals brings only weak immune system, fat gain, muscle loss, lack of certain minerals and vitamins and frustration. I like my body to be healthy, lean and full of energy! I try to avoid things that make me sick, like smoking or drinking alcohol. I used to do it in the past, ignoring the inside health of my body and focusing only on the outside, but with time I realized that a healthy body should start from the inside out, not the other way around. That is the most important thing in life. If the body performs well on the inside, it will perform at its best on the outside as well. That is the reason why I eat healthy, I don’t smoke and I try to keep a balance between my personal life and my professional one. Sometimes they go together completing each other and that is the most beautiful side of it!
So in the end, it is actually not a sacrifice, it is a need, it is something that I LOVE: to be healthy, look good, have a great personal life because good health and good looks make people happy! You can focus on your daily life be it at work or at home, it brings you energy, concentration, it makes you feel good in your shoes!
Go to the gym, track your exercises, track your progress, watch your calories and macros, and only then you will see results! Work hard, play hard, GROW FIT! That is what GROWFIT is all about!

18 septembrie 2019


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