When it comes to cheating but not with sugary and pastry things, I prefer to do it myself in a healthy way, with fatty sweets but with minimal carbs. I LOVE chocolate and when it comes in pair with some roasted almonds, it is even better! This recipe is extremely easy to make and very tasty as well. If you like dark chocolate, you will love this one:
6 tbs coconut oil
6 tbs cocoa powder
2-3 tbs honey or other sweetener you wish (you can add more if you want it more sweet)
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 pinch of salt
1 handful or more (as you wish) unsalted almonds either roasted already or raw and you can roast them like I did; you can add other crunchy nuts/ dried fruits if you wish.
First step: put the almonds in the preheated oven at 360 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes, then open the oven and turn them a bit with a wooden spoon, then leave them again in the oven for another 3 minutes. Get them out and put them in a different bowl to cool down. Meanwhile, melt the oil, then add the essence and the sweetener, add the cocoa powder, mixing continuously until creamy. Add the roasted almonds or other crunchy stuff and place it in a silicone shaped tray or in any other square tray. If you place it in a non-silicone tray, cover the bottom with a foil or baking sheet before adding the mixture so that you get the chocolate out easily. Place it in the freezer for a few hours, the more you leave it in the freezer, the harder it gets and it won’t melt in your hands so easily when you eat it.
If you want to keep it for later, you can also leave it in the fridge after you got it out of the freezer. Tasty and healthy treat, people!

18 septembrie 2019


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