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Personal training

By personal training I refer to monthly workouts, but also to customize nutrition plans especially created around your daily routine and according to what your body needs.

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Online training

By online training I refer to constant online monitoring workouts, but also to customize nutrition plans. You can have your workouts either in the gym or at home.

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Seeing is Believing

My main objective is to promote a healthy lifestyle where exercise and healthy nutrition go hand in hand.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, tone your body or just to improve your physical condition,I will take into consideration the safety of the exercises in order to prevent any risk of injuries and you will find out how to important it is to follow a healthy eating plan to give you energy in the gym while becoming fit.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual.

About Alice

Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting! I am a 32 year-old certified personal trainer and fitness instructor and I started my journey as a passionate fitness lover when I was 17 years old.

I always kept fitness as part of my daily routine and shared my knowledge with the people around me, helping them change their physical appearance and improving their health condition according to their desire.

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Fitness Blog

  • LOOKING GOOD NEEDS SACRIFICEDo you think that people who look fit and lean eat whatever they want, go out and drink every weekend and they sit on the couch at the end of the day? I am sorry but I need to be honest and to tell you the truth: they DON’T do it, except for 10% of […]Read more
  • PRE-WORKOUT TINGLING – NORMAL OR NOT?Many people use a pre-workout and are worried when they get that tingling and itchy sensation after taking it. Is it something normal or does it do any harm to us? What is the truth? First of all this effect is called “paresthesia” and it is caused by 2 ingredients in the pre-workout: Beta-Alanine and […]Read more
  • THE WORST ADVICE WE’VE EVER HEARD ABOUT FITNESS“If you lift heavy weights, you will get too big and muscular.” How many of you have heard in the gym people who didn’t want to lift a heavy weight because of this way of thinking? I know I have heard it too many times! Out of 10 people that go to the gym, at […]Read more
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Nutrition Blog

  • THE EFFECTS OF GLUTEN AND SIMPLE CARBOHYDRATESWhen our parents or grandparents were younger, obese people were a rarity. Processed foods were very difficult to find and many were seen as delicacies. Bread was homemade from whole wheat while the white one was very difficult to find. People were thin because food was not so processed and so easy to find as […]Read more
  • WHY YOU SHOULD EAT CARBSI see a lot of people around me who refuse to eat carbohydrates in ANY form they are. Complex, simple, it doesn’t matter, they just don’t make a difference and they just put them in the same bucket as being something bad.They end up binging into some sweets full of sugar or some junky fats […]Read more
  • HOW TO EAT OUT AND STILL BE FIT AND HEALTHYOnce we go out it feels like freedom, we tend to indulge in junk food or eat starters, main course plus dessert and at the end we feel like exploding, but there can be smart choices as well and we can control our appetite by just making smart choices from the menu. Try to follow […]Read more
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